Love and Savagery

Love_and_SavageryLove and Savagery is a story of passion, fate, and the con-sequences of the two. In 1968, Newfoundland geologist and poet, Michael McCarthy, travels to Ballyvaughan to examine the “Burren” a geological wonder. There he meets Cathleen, a beautiful woman who captures his heart, but because of the path she chose when she was young she cannot allow him to capture hers. Savagery erupts when Michael’s persistence collides with the townspeople’s hostility toward a foreigner’s attempt to intervene with divinity. Cathleen has to choose between a desire that she has recently discovered and a desire that she has felt throughout most of her life. Which will she choose? The love of a man, or the love of God? Can she love both? Is she strong enough to make the right choice?

A Morag Loves Company (NL)/ Park Ex Pictures (QC)/ Subotica Entertainment (Ireland) international co-production

Distributed by Mongrel Media