The Perfect Hero (1999)

ph1  Distributed by:
Morag Productions
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St. John’s, NL
A1C 5H5
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Morag Productions, and the National Film Board invite you to meet some of the best romance writers – Heather Graham (aka Shannon Drake) and Virginia Henley, as well as Kayla Perrin, Charlotte Lamb and Queen of Romance, Barbara Cartph2land. From the splashy Mr. Romance Pageant with the hunks on board the cruise ship Celebration, to the corridors of power in the Harlequin empire, The Perfect Hero reveals all you ever wanted to know about romance novels: who writes them, who reads them – and why.

Written & Directed by Barbara Doran
Cinematography by Kent Nason, Nigel Markham
Editor Angela Baker
Sound Alex Salter, John Martinph3
Producer Kent Martin
Executive Producer Sally Bochner

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